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Shitty vagina is a rare and devastating occurrence which in most cases is when a guy spends all night pumping drinks in to a girl at the bar until reaching the girls approval for late night drunken sex only to get her to his place to find out that he got her so drunk she shit her pants and as we all know dumb whores love tight clothing so tight in fact that it pushes the shit from her ass hole across the taint and strait in to the vagina there fore creating a shitty vagina
guy 1: so i spent all night get this girl drunk at the bar last night

guy 2: yeah how did that go
guy 1: great till i got her home
guy 2: what why you got her to your place

guy 1: yeah but i threw her on the bed and ripped her pants off and there it was a shitty vagina
guy 2: uh gross
by censae January 14, 2011
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