fuck;this sucks;you've got to be fucking kidding me
Shitty titty that mother fucker Azeez just cut me off!
by oaty January 30, 2009
Top Definition
A sexual move when a male inserts his penis into a female's brown eye, then proceeds to titty fuck the lady, leaving remnants of shit from her own ass on her chest.
I gave Shannon a shitty titty and then kicked her ass out because she had her own shit all over her tits.
by Joey P. and BLaX August 26, 2006
a crumby, dirty, slimy strip club in coopersburg, PA. the strippers tend to be unattractive and dirt stupid. they frequent a local convenience store, because it is just down the hill and they have to walk there because they cannot afford cars. the shitty titty is also known for it's provocative and altogether hilarious messages that are posted on the outdoor sign. one side has read "auditions daily" for a few months, while the other side has had messages such as "milf contest," topless hoolahoop contest," and "stripper karaoke."
A: Yo did you see that girl from the shitty titty come in yesterday?
J: The one with the hearing aid? shes fucking obnoxious
by salesassoc September 11, 2010
Not necessarily a "titty that is shitty" but actually used to express anger or frustration. Most widely used when something doesn't go your way or you hurt yourself but most common in extremely chill environments such as in a housey or on a boat.
John: Jimmy just got absolutely raped. That's too bad.
Nick: Shitty titty...

Ahhhh shitty titty I spilled my beer.

Shitty titty it's hot in here.

This party is one big shitty titty. No beer and no girls.
by bluedevil627 August 14, 2011
When a female has a nice personality, face, and body; except for her breasts.
"Oh man, she's so hot."
"Yeah, but those are one bad case of shitty titties."
by crystallis November 14, 2012
If the poopee of a cleveland steamer is female, you have given her 'shitty tittys'
When I gave my girlfriend a cleveland steamer last night, she had real shitty tittys!
by Titmeister January 07, 2012
when youre surfing and paddling out and a wave is about to break on you and all you can say is "shitty titties!'' and then you completely eat it.
i screamed shitty titties before the wave broke on me
by waldaaayyy September 05, 2010
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