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(verb) A con maneuver where a prostitute promises to fulfill your dreams, gets paid up front, then gives you a quicky and/or makes you come as fast as possible to increase the turn around time.
Origin: From, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", a 1968 family musical about a magical car that had the power to make dreams come true
I called the escort service with great expectations, but got a shitty shitty bang bang instead.
by Antenna Wilde February 21, 2008
1. Bad sex. Any situation in which you would define a certain time when your fuck was "Shitty"
(This term partially derives from the popular kids movie, "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang")

NOTE: this word is also commonly used as 'Pretty Shitty Bang Bang'

shitty bang bangpretty shitty bang bang rick robertson CSCA gangbang
Damn. That hobag gave me a shitty shitty bang bang last night.

Get the fuck out bitch! That was a shitty shitty bang bang!

All the kids that were raped by Mr. Robertson described it as a "Pretty Shitty Bang Bang"
by CHINAboyyy and Mr. Black Man. April 11, 2005
A reference to the famous film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Shitty shitty bang bang is really messy anal sex.
I'm into scat; I hope she's up for some shitty shitty bang bang.
by Grindur February 17, 2015

1. A term used to describe the sexual act of two or more people playing russian roulette by means of masturbating anally with a fully loaded double barrel shotgun.
"There are no winners or losers when playing shitty shitty bang bang, because the last man standing has to clean up."
by billebllunt December 11, 2013
An awful sexual encounter..
Yo dude, this girl I brought home last night was pretty cute..

So what happened?

Looks can be deceiving, turns out that she was a total "Shitty Shitty Bang Bang.."
by keeferzzz March 21, 2011
When you get down with someone that hates you and you're on the financial hook for the next 18 years.
Well, I thought that because we met on a sperm donor website that it'd be better to just be real, but that sure was a shitty shitty bang bang.
by GISkev October 19, 2011
having sex with a member of the opposite sex while on the toilet.
A had to go to the bathroom so I called my girlfriend in there and we had a nice shitty shitty bang bang.
by abcdefghi April 16, 2007
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