1.) An alcoholic beverage made using cheap vodka, immitation Kaluha, and milk.
We didn't have enough money to make white russians, so we just drank shitty fucks all night.
by WoweeWoweeWowee October 14, 2006
Top Definition
1. When someone rubs their ass-crack up and down a guy's boner. Similar to a titty fuck, except using the ass. Not to be confused with anal sex.

2. Poor quality sexual intercourse.
1. I wouldn't mind a shitty fuck from J-Lo while I sit in this chair.

2. That was a shitty fuck I had with Jessica in the changeroom, because she was tired and uninterested (I was the 3rd guy she banged today), and some creep was peaking at us.
by Bango Bett September 21, 2005
A really bad sex session. Also, an expression of anger or bad hindsight. See fuck.
"That was one hell of a shittyfuck!" or also "Shittyfuck! I left the stove on!"
by Yeetperson April 05, 2015
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