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Man, this is some really shitty food. I should have cooked something for myself instead.
by vegted June 11, 2005
Food that makes you feel unhealthy, fat or bloated. Normally packed with carbs and saturates but tantalises the tastebuds, a well deserved treat!
I should go to the gym but I really fancy some shitty food right now
by D-Jesus September 05, 2015
Food that looks the same from when you eat it, to when it comes out your anus, in the form of poop logs
Fag: Wow dude! Are you hungry? I just produced some shitty food, there's some corn in there, I left it in the bowl if you want it.

Other Fag: Nah bru, I stopped eating that crap years ago.
by Cap'n McGrittle August 10, 2011
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