Basically someone who is: full of shits; talks shit all the time; lies or brags alot; don't keep promises; nonsensical; big mouth; makes unreliable statements; wise crack; says lot of things that people are not interested in... etc.
Foreign friend: Hey who is the president of the USA?
Johnny: Ah he's a shitto.
Foreign friend: huh what do you mean?
Johnny: George W. Bush
Foreign friend: Oh i see... is he good?
Johnny: He's a shitto


Ben: Hey Jack! how ya doing today?
Jack: how ya doing today
Ben: what?
Jack: what
Ben: I said how ya doing?
Jack: I said how ya doing
Ben: Must you repeat everything i say?
Jack: Must you repeat everything i say
Ben: Shitto.......
by AlexPPP February 06, 2008
Top Definition
A west African condiment made from fried shellfish and scotch bonnet chilli peppers.
Its dark brown colour can resemble excrement.
Excessive consumption can also produce laxative effects.
Shitto goes very well with boiled rice and sauce.
by randomgriffin February 10, 2009
How you feel after a night of blowing too much money at the gay bar.
Dude, I'm feel shitto after blowing all my money at the gay bar last night.
by Jaggo March 21, 2004
As "ditto", except used when specifically refering to a shitty experience. Think of it as "right on the shitty spot".
"Shitto!"; mainly used as a one word, exclamatory sentence.
by Ignus Infernus November 06, 2002
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