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A term used to refer to strange fetishes involving drawn porn. Especially furry porn.
/r/ shitting dick nipples plz kthnx
by stghm May 29, 2006
1. An image (usually hentai) so disgusting that no conceivable person would ever find it pleasing.

2. An interjection usually used in a context relating to pornography.

Originating from 4chan, most likely on /b/
1. "My god, why would you post shitting dicknipples?"

2. "Shitting dicknipples, that's a huge filesize!"
by Encyclopedia Dramatica April 09, 2007
A horrific picture in which a grotesquely "healthy" (fat) female sits. Her nipples are replaced with dicks, which are, well, shitting. I shit you not.
"Her nipples are dicks that are shitting!"
by Aeroclasher July 31, 2008
nipples that consist of both shitting, as well as dick EG shitting dick nipples

also a way to fill in a conversation or moment of silence when not sure what else to say
1. those nipples are both shitting and dick........must be shitting dick nipples
2. ahhhh yeees shitting dick nipples
by SUBsequent01 January 22, 2014
One of the things that 4chan raiders say when they close the pool on Habbo.
"shittingdicknipples shittingdicknipples" repeated over and over again.
by Craig ARC September 23, 2006
1. A phrase that a youtuber named danisnotonfire has randomly called out in a state of distress or frustration
2. A creepy fetish
Dan just screamed out "shitting dick nipples" at the game of sonic
by Rawrissocool May 20, 2014
An exclamatory phrase used when someone finds porn on your computer.
"Shitting Dick Nipples! How did that get there?"
by Broke-ass Sexual Chocolate May 08, 2006
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