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A rest stop or other such enclosed group of restrooms.
"Dear, pull over at the shittery so I can stretch my legs!"
by souldesqueeze April 29, 2004
A store where you can buy toilet paper.
In only minutes they arrived at St. Pierre's Royal Shittery.
by Tongaboy May 29, 2006
foulplay, sabotage, or ominous circumstances.
"Joe told my girlfriend I was hitting on a girl at the bar, what shittery!" or "when my car broke down it was pure shittery"
by Stefan the terrible May 26, 2004
Adj. - The feeling of being so nervous, jumpy and jittery that you are close to having the shits.
Adj. "That girl on The X Factor looked real shittery before her first live performance"
by kelvinbenedict October 14, 2013
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