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A store where you can buy toilet paper.
In only minutes they arrived at St. Pierre's Royal Shittery.
by Tongaboy May 29, 2006
A rest stop or other such enclosed group of restrooms.
"Dear, pull over at the shittery so I can stretch my legs!"
by souldesqueeze April 29, 2004
foulplay, sabotage, or ominous circumstances.
"Joe told my girlfriend I was hitting on a girl at the bar, what shittery!" or "when my car broke down it was pure shittery"
by Stefan the terrible May 26, 2004
Adj. - The feeling of being so nervous, jumpy and jittery that you are close to having the shits.
Adj. "That girl on The X Factor looked real shittery before her first live performance"
by kelvinbenedict October 14, 2013