Worse than shit. See ratchet
Man, i look like shit. Man, i look like.....shitter.
by wayne and freud June 25, 2009
Shitter AKA Womens Ass
Nice Shitter Can I Hitter

Nice shitter, could be a bit fitter
by Jonathan, Elliott, Ian, Alana October 22, 2007
Somebody who is a coward, a wimp. He or she is so afraid that they have no control "metaphorically" of their bowel movements.
He was so scared he shit in his pants, that guy's a right shitter! You can smell it from here, that guy's shitting himself, what a shitter!
by teknonutter June 22, 2005
A person, usually within their teens, who skateboards/bmxs in urban areas, wears tight jeans, usually has ears pierced and generally doesn't care about their life or future.
Dont go to Clinton, as soon as you cross over the town line the corners are overflowing with shitters
by b dubs in the houses April 29, 2010
A woman's ass. Usually observed through tight jeans. It is a complementary word.
Did you see the nice shitter on Anne.
by LovinThatFineAss September 22, 2009
english: slang expression for arse posterior bottom bum
american: ass fanny
as in "my God, look at the size of her shitter"
by rickmads July 08, 2009
A slang word used when talking about a ch-53e helicopter in the Marine Corps.
That shitter is dirty.
by ZIGGY19871 October 16, 2008

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