large, stankin, nasty-ass, military helicopter manufactured by sikorsky aeronautics. it will take your manhood and your youth.
daggett: damn, that fucking shitter is broken again.
smith: well, im not going to fix it, bitch.
by matt smith June 23, 2004
term for a womans ass
Nice shitter, lets wreck it!
by Rowdy February 28, 2004
Synonym for asshole, esp. in sexual context.
Let me fuck you up your nice tight shitter.
by The Shittresses July 15, 2011
Somebody who is a coward, a wimp. He or she is so afraid that they have no control "metaphorically" of their bowel movements.
He was so scared he shit in his pants, that guy's a right shitter! You can smell it from here, that guy's shitting himself, what a shitter!
by teknonutter June 22, 2005
When you have to go so bad, shit is falling out of your ass.
I ate some bad mexican and now I have the shitters
by chrissylayne May 23, 2004
Slang term for anus, or rectum.
"Someone's put a cork up that pig's shitter!"
by Anonymous August 16, 2002
It's a toilet you bloody twats
Oi mate, I made your girl into my shitter.
by I8shitb4 May 25, 2015
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