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Synonym for asshole, esp. in sexual context.
Let me fuck you up your nice tight shitter.
by The Shittresses July 15, 2011
A member of a sports team (normally the opposition) who is sub-par in some way. Normally used to describe players of an apparently higher or distinctly lower ability lever.

Often invoking images of players who are definitely there for 'a day out', running around with gangly legs, flailing. Shitters will sometimes be partially deaf or semi-retarded
"That kid is a bit of a Shitter"
"Yes, I think I saw him licking the fence on the way in
by Leem Leem IOM February 09, 2011
Shitters are the crappy small, almost worthless coins in any currency. The ones we all end up taking home at the end of a foreign trip. The ones you can use for tips.
Leave a few shitters for the waiter.

Got any spare shitters? I want to buy a beer.
by wailingminnow July 06, 2009
When you have to go so bad, shit is falling out of your ass.
I ate some bad mexican and now I have the shitters
by chrissylayne May 23, 2004
A shitter is someone that says or does something that you immediately disagree with.
Johnny is a shitter because he said killing puppies is ok
by Mega Chao X October 01, 2011
being extremely drunk. short from of shit done, alternative to just being done.
"Man i got so shitters last night."

"Yea i saw you man, you were shit done."
by lopsyd September 24, 2009
Worse than shit. See ratchet
Man, i look like shit. Man, i look like.....shitter.
by wayne and freud June 25, 2009