A person who is just plain out a fucking retard, who also probably eats shit for lunch. . .
Jacob: Dude Tyler you want to go eat shit for lunch today?

Tyler: Your such a shit tard.
by Douglas S November 22, 2006
Top Definition
A retarded shithead.
Joey Hoey is a shittard.
by Joey Hoey September 02, 2004
a fucktard that is also a worthless piece of shit.
I got a detention for calling someone an asshole. My teacher is such a fucking shittard.
by z-mon October 26, 2008
a fucktard that is either a worthless piece of shit, cannot control his own defecation, or both
Brice sits on his ass all day masturbating. Then he goes to dinner and can't hold his own bowel movement, so he has to shit right outside the Denny's. He is such a SHITTARD.
by smg2003-2007 May 07, 2009
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