Six or more hours of the combination of a lot of beer followed by straight shots of whatever liquor is available. Usually followed by dancing in the middle of a dance circle and singing sexual explict karaoke songs. Ended with taking any girl that is willing to poundtown.
I got shit tanked last night.

Hey Big B lets get shit tanked tonight.
by LVPC December 09, 2008
Top Definition
Inebriated beyond logical comparison.
Man, I can't wait to get shittanked on Sara-Jean's birthday!
by partygrrl69xl February 08, 2006
When a person drinks so much alcohol that they are beyond shitfaced and tanked.
Alex was so shittanked at that party that he lost his pants
by Luke N August 04, 2006
Severely intoxicated, usually to the point of falling over and/or blacking out. Generally accompanied by vomiting and hang-over.
"I don't remember anything from last night," "Yeah, you were shit-tanked"
by E-Money Williams April 29, 2007
The result of screwing up... bad.
person 1: We have a test today.
person 2: What? I didn't study.
person 1: You're so shit tanked.
by robinsgirl October 18, 2012
One is labeled as such when intoxicated beyond the point of all human recognition.
When an individual is shit-tanked, they have lost all ability of speech and/or motor functions due to excessive alcohol consumption and have been reduced to the barroom, bathroom floor, or bedroom.
by IWalkOnWater4U October 03, 2009
when you get way to fucked up on alchohol
we went out the other night and johhny got shit tanked and made out with his cousin
by persian prince January 14, 2007
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