1. A type of mushroom.
2. Cover up word for 'shit'.
1. "Yum, I love shittake mushrooms!"
2. Person 1: Oh shit...
Person 2: What?!
Person 1: ...take mushrooms
Person 2. Oh.
by Darth Bob December 11, 2004
When you accidentally say Shit in a public place then yell TAKE! As in the mushroom.
* Le guy sitting at restaurant*

*Knocks over Glass*
by PwillyFTW January 07, 2014
1. The take of shitting, such as spit-take, only shitting on accident.

2. Sharting

3. An accident
Baby Lisa just did a shittake.

I was so scared I might have had a shittake.
by Thegeniouswhomadethisword November 06, 2009
another word for saying shit.
Dutch: Wasabii, Bean??
Bean: Shittake! Want to come chilll?
by HempNaturelle January 29, 2009
Something which is both shit and tacky
OMG her shoes are so shittake!
by Hot-Box April 14, 2009

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