An extremely bad situation.
American: "Barack Obama was just elected President, and the Democrats control both houses of Congress. I can smell a shitstorm coming."

Soldier: "Barack Obama is now CINC-WEST and I'm in Iraq. I can smell a shitstorm coming"

Democrat: "We just passed socialized health care despite near-unanimous opposition from the Republican Party and the American People. I can smell a shitstorm coming in November."
by TheSovietCollossus March 27, 2010
A terrible mess that is created when something is inundated with a large amount of worthless crap.
My room looks like a shitstorm.
by girlygirly6334 September 10, 2013
Can mean a variety of things, like a long string of VERY unfortunate or horrible events in a short time, but mainly used on internet forums to describe threads full of flaming, raging, trolling, etc all in one. Generally about religion vs atheism, ponies vs anti-pones, furries vs anti-furries, etc.
*reads thread about ponies*
nope shitstorm. ABANDON THREAD!
by CJNinja October 18, 2012
Its like a shitstorm flying different shits at your face like horseshit, bullshit, and holy shit
Friend 1: holy shit! a shitstorm!

Freind 2: theres every kind of shit on me!
by jaeweezy12 July 19, 2014
A phenomenon that commonly occurs when Dragonball Z fanboys engage in a debate pertaining to the strength of anime/manga characters.
-Fanboy: "omg goku pwnZ pre-crisis supeS while taking a shit omg lolz goku has limitless strength became GOD in GT he can rip the omnimultimegaverse with a fart"

-Dude A : "Faggot"

-Dude B : "shitstorm incoming"
by kmrdr January 14, 2014
a drink served at parties to unsuspected person/s.
ingredients-prun nectar and vodka on the rocks
Dave :Dude you going to my party?
Bruce :No way last time you gave everyone that fruity drink and the next day everyone stayed home on their toilet with the shits.
Dave : Dude I made everyone my famous shit storm.
by PizzaManDude August 18, 2013
When you throw shit at a really fast fan making it fly everywhere.
OH MY GOD SHITSTORM! Duck and cover!
by Lukasz Cbass October 11, 2010
A type of Shit everyone has at least once in there life. Not to be confused with the much smaller Shart. However a Shart might be an indication of said Shit Storm Approaching. Multiple cans of air freshener and possible wetting of toilet paper to clean after are good indications. This is the shit of all shits and is most unpleasant. Maybe accompanied by stomach pains and or uncontrollable vomiting if the Shit Storm is from food poisoning.
Damn I am lactose intolerant its about to be a shit storm in here.
by Bige666999 January 22, 2011
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