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An extremely bad situation.
American: "Barack Obama was just elected President, and the Democrats control both houses of Congress. I can smell a shitstorm coming."

Soldier: "Barack Obama is now CINC-WEST and I'm in Iraq. I can smell a shitstorm coming"

Democrat: "We just passed socialized health care despite near-unanimous opposition from the Republican Party and the American People. I can smell a shitstorm coming in November."
by TheSovietCollossus March 27, 2010
234 211
When a tornado hits an exposed septic tank and sends all the contents into the air, where it falls down in a rain-like pattern.
Idiot 1: Dude, there is crap all over the place!
Idiot 2: I know man, that tornado went straight for my house's septic tank and produced a shitstorm.
Idiot 1: I can tell you are a fan of corn.
by codemonkeythegreat August 02, 2008
87 60
A euphemism qualifying a noun with a greater sense of intensity rather than as plainly stated.
After this past census, there's been an ongoing debate over gerrymandering by elected officials. This underlies the shit storm of controversy over who stands to gain by redrawing the new district lines.
by dumb ironworker January 19, 2007
47 33
A seemingly endless series of unlucky events, or negative occurrences.
Bob seems irregularly upset today. Must be from that shit storm he's stuck in.
by CnoMoney July 02, 2011
16 3
A monumentally disastrous outcome or event that nobody wants over their head. Usually caused by an overwhelming amount of smaller negative events(called crap) occurring at the same time hence the term "SHITstorm".
Man: So help me God if you fuck with me one more time, I swear I will unleash such a shitstorm over your pathetic excuse of a soul that people will ship your ass to the Sun just to prevent your stench from reaching them.
by RICKIEdickie May 18, 2009
17 8
Bronies Australia.
Bronies Australia is a shitstorm.
by Whittacker December 18, 2012
13 8
When something completely unforeseen goes horribly wrong beyond mortal comprehension in something that should be normal and routine. This is the ultimate form of 'Murphy's Law".
A porn virus was uploaded onto a school server that uses proxies, but the server has no anti-virus, a shitstorm ensued.
by Versedhorison October 25, 2009
10 5