A complete disappointment. Without merit, and difficult to remove.
Bruce Willis, after some initial promise on tv, turned out to be a shitstain.
by A bruce willis fan April 01, 2003
According to Gary, Jim Reddy is this...
Soooo, what does that make Gary?

Ooo, Ooo, I know, he's the asshole that leaked!

by Mathew Cunningham January 04, 2004
Stains on a gay mans asshole from too much anal sex
Glenda's nose is as brown as Marce's shit stained asshole.
by MasterMimmy May 04, 2006
Paul Winston Pt. Churchill Byrnes
the stinkiest fuck on the face on the planet. Does not believe in bathing, cleaning, brushing, or any bodily cleansing whatsoever
by DJ ROKO April 11, 2005
when a guy eats a piece of shit and theyres stains in his pants

Tyrone Africa: I know i just ate a piece of shit and theyre stains in my pants
by Shareef March 16, 2004
One who deliberately provocative message the soul intention of causing maximum disruption and argument
Ignore him, he's a shit stain.
by theguard1345 April 06, 2016
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