Everyone's Boss.
I'm not coming back to work, you shit stain!
by Nunov Yurbiznix January 20, 2004
An utter jerk, scumbag, and loser.
Alec Baldwin is such a shitstain!
by 7samurai December 09, 2002
The name of a fraternity member who gets so drunk they shit on the couch
John is such a shit stain, i cant believe he shit on the couch last night.
by bicanic March 03, 2012
A dispicable crungy person who seldom washes, rarely wears clean clothing, brushes his teeth, or gargles. His hair will generally be greasy, poorly combed, and encrusted with dander. His breath will be toxic, and he will only wash his hands after using the restroom if he is in the presence of others.
He is arguementative, arrogant, and believes himself to be a genius, although he rarely exercises good judgement in any matter.
Boy, that guy in the convertible is a real shitstain.
by schtankified September 13, 2011
A little black girl that thinks shes cool
my friend sams little sisters black and she thinks shes cool but shes just a shit stain
by jake oliver January 18, 2005
a lingering asshole
That dude cannot take a hint, he won't go away and every time he opens his mouth he turns into an asshole.
by J-man November 24, 2003
When some one takes a shit and leaves doo doo marks on their underwear or on the inside of their toliet
when mark got done taking a shit there was shit-stain marks on his underwear
by mr munchies February 21, 2009
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