When one shits their pants and leaves stains in their underwear. Often mistaken for bloodstains.
Ah! I found shit stains in alyssa's pantie drawer!
by Shaniqua Bobiqua May 21, 2006
(n) Any and all traces left behind from a raunchy ass. see poop stain
Tyler left a big ol' shit stain in his nappin' sac.
by Nik Huff November 22, 2003
any little ganster wannabe goof action puke.
think they are cool, usually worthless individuals.
That little shit stain doesn't pay for his smokes man.
by I am Rico January 12, 2011
A word that is used to describe someone that is disliked by all people.
Fucking Timmy, that fucker is such a shit stain!!!!!!!
by Storm April 04, 2003
A large poopy mark that cannot be washed off in a regular washing cycle;
Combined make the name of Shane, ironically, a very smelly boy that goes to my school.
"For Christ's sake, I had to wash my shirt for 3 cycles AND use bleach to get that god-dang shit stain off. The good part is, I don't smell like Shane anymore"
"Yeah, he smells like a Persian man's armpit."
by BallisticG August 28, 2005
1)a stain of shit, usually found on clothes or the ground
2)A person that is a stain of shit in your mind
1)His underpants are the one with the huge shitstain on them
2) Shut the fuck up you stupid shitstain
by clow July 13, 2003
An utterly objectionable and despised individual.. especially one whose personality is compounded by subnormal intelligence.
Sith Whilley is a shitstain on the ass of the human race.
by SNELDAWG January 13, 2006

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