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1. An explosion of shit.
2. Whatever event has the aftermath that gives one the impression that shit exploded.
Don't go in the third stall to the right - someone had a shitsplosion in there.
by Phlegatu February 06, 2004
The sudden, urgent, uncontrollable release of an enormous amount of shit, most frequently diarrhea. It is much worse and more violent than a shart. It can make you:
1. shit your pants.
2. doo doo on the floor.
3. dookie on any surface under or near you.
4. clog the shitter something awful!

It can also indicate: mass chaos; a conglomeration of fuckitude; a situation fucked up beyond all recognition, aka FUBAR; a Mongolian Cluster Fuck; when all fucking hell breaks loose.
I ate lamb curry last night and, an hour later, I had a shitsplosion so bad, I had to put my panties in my purse and haul ass from the restaurant.

Pam told everyone at the office she was screwing Tammy's boyfriend. When Tammy found out, there was a shitsplosion of apocalyptic proportion involving Pam stapling Tammy's ear to the floor, then yanking out her navel ring AND her weave!

That thirteen-car pile-up caused a hell of a shitsplosion on I-95 at rush hour yesterday.

My mom found my weed in my panty drawer, so there was a complete and utter shitsplosion at my house last night when she told my dad.

by budsbabe December 06, 2007
Explosive diarrhea that comes out of no where.
A long night of fun planned was suddenly ruined when my boyfriend had a Shitsplosion walking to the game.
by Mcubed January 13, 2009
What happens the moring after a BIG night out.
1) Dude that was a great night! I just had a complete shitsplosion in there though.. watch out.

2) Clean up your shitsplosion, the bog smells like hell!
by PatchTheElephant September 08, 2011
The result of someone shitting so violently and uncontrollably that shit ends up EVERYWHERE, including the walls and (possibly) the ceiling of the restroom. Therefore, the aftermath resembles an explosion of shit.
Guy #1: I just went into the bathroom and it looks like there was a shitsplosion in there earlier!

Guy #2: My bad...I ate Taco Bell for lunch...

Guy #1: That's nasty bro!
by KingBrandonA August 28, 2014
Extreme diarrhea, your ass is puking, or major wreck, disaster, everything gone wrong, mess, cluster f*ck
That fried food made me shitsplosion the porcelain throne! Damn, the house is a shitsplosion after last nights rager.
by Monarch Beauty August 20, 2012
a sudden explosion of volatile violent shit that doesn't stop for 3 years.
john: hey, what happened to MC hammer?

bill: he had a violent shitsplosion, his corpse is glued to the toilet with a scream on his face, we had to use the jaws of life to pluck him out.

john: poor guy, 3 years of shit flying out nonstop, can the toilet flush?

bill: it's dead. also the pipes are leaking shit.
by I h8 nes May 01, 2015
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