A Black Male/Female
Jack: Look at all these Shit Skins.
Alastair: Make's me sick the way they let these shit skins ride in the front of the bus.
#black #mega black #darkey #nigro #monkey
by Roger1234567890 January 25, 2009
Top Definition
Noun (slang){racial slur} Any dark skinned person, usually refers to a african american person. Analogy to the brown color of both.
See Coon,Jig,Nigger,Spade
"There's another shitskin, with a affirmative action quota job he's not qualified for, buying a Lexus"
a derogatory name for black people
Look at all those shit skins at the KFC.
#shit skins #shit skinz #sk's #skz #nigger
by garyb January 09, 2006
someone other than whites.
That country is full of shitskins.
by Evil name caller August 30, 2005
a 21st century word for a black person; a racist term for a negro; a word commonly found on aryan and nazi websites to describe a black person because the skin color looks like shit.
Dude 1: Look at all them shitskins over there.
Dude 2: Yah, its disgustin how they smell like shit too.
#nigger #coon #jigaboo #negro #black #african
by Jason Corrigan July 20, 2008
A derogatory reference towards black people. Reference self explanatory.
Vicente is a dirty shitskin
#coon #jigaboo #moon cricket #spook #tarbaby
by Begeta December 01, 2009
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