When one defacates outside during the winter and the fecal matter freezes to their anus like an icicle.
I went out side an took a dump, but it froze to my ass as a shitsicle!
by Sir Banacheck September 23, 2006
Top Definition
when you put frozen shit on a stick and dip it in fudge then give it to an unexpecting victim.
Dude: Hey baby! Want a fudgesicle?

Girl: Sure.. Mmmm this is good.....What the fuck?? This tastes like shit!!! This is SHIT!!!!! You Bastard

Dude: Yea, don't call me any more. Get the fuck out!!!
by chadsicle January 28, 2005
a nasty popsicle. it tastes like its made with liquified poo.
Gross. this is NOT made by Good Humour. its clearly a homemade Shitsicle.
by david October 28, 2003
frozen shit globs on a stick.
oh my! those look like shitsicles!!!
by midnight fairy May 11, 2011
after having sexual intercourse, the man takes the condom and empty's his load in it(both cum and shit).then sticks a popsicle in it then freezes it. after frozen the man makes the woman lick it and say "how many licks dose it take to get to the end of a shitsicle"
how many licks dose it take to get to the end of a shitsicle","i dont know bitch find out
by dirty earny June 04, 2011
When u take a shit, wrap it saran wrap and freeze. Then make ur her pound out with it.
Made my girl a shitsicle this morning while reading the paper.
by hamburgfly October 16, 2015
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