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noun: busy work that you really don't want to do but it must be done otherwise you are screwed.

Pronunciation is off the tongue, very quickly and rapidly stated
Damn, I need to get a lil' shitshit done by tomorrow.

AGH you forgot to do the shitshit for homework!?!?! You're screwed dude, you may as well eat the shitshit now.
by bigdbag May 10, 2007
A black ass boy , that wanna be a Hooper, thinks he funny , wants to be a ladies man but he's black as fuck, he also has big fat lips .
Look at shit shit head
There go shit shit right There
by dcl December 13, 2013
A women who has been hit with an ugly stick (Ugly ass mother fucker)
Shit's Hit Mutha Fucka
by Billy Mass September 08, 2008