The muddy foot prints left on toilet seats by whatever nasty bastard still hasn’t learned how to navigate a modern bathroom.
Gross, I went to use the bathroom right after some dude from India, and there were shit prints all over the toilet seat! I guess I'll hold it.
by Jimmy Patrick February 26, 2008
Top Definition
The paw marks that your beloved feline pet leaves after she has had a dump in the litter box and trod in her somewhat damp turd. When she exits the box to come and say hello and be told what a good girl she is there is a shitty trail of paw prints on your floor
Hey Mick, Freddi just had a dump and left shitprints on the floor again. I suppose it's my turn to clean up again...
by Almeria August 21, 2009
The act of touching something after your fingers have touched your butt hole.
My hand smells like crap after I shook Bill's hand - I think he gave me a shitprint!
by srezr December 20, 2013
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