A general purpose insult. A little stronger than something like "you piece of shit!"
Unique to the South.
(After an argument or heated exchange) - "You're just a piece of shit." (pause) "Shit piece!"
by mistahex September 05, 2008
Top Definition
Used to describe something, someone or an event which is really annoying or stupid. Has more of a powerful meaning than calling someone a "piece of shit".
I told that "shitpiece" to turn the lights off 5 times now.

Shitpiece I told you to make me some food.
by NEI L October 22, 2007
it is your arse hole/ anal sphincter
I was nobbin this girl last night and split her shit piece
by Edward Bradwel April 18, 2007
Short for something that is a piece of shit (see also shitbox
"My car is such a shitpiece, it's always talling on me."
by Joel N. July 24, 2003
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