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The massive wave of toilet water that is displaced when a giant turd is blasted out of your ass.
The explosive dump I just took caused a massive shitnami. Now there is debris all over the floor.
by Syndrome of a Downs January 18, 2007
when u take such a big dump it shoots a wave over the toilet
man,i took such a big crap yesterday my shoes got wet.shit nami
by feasant December 09, 2011
Shit + Tsunami= Shitnami. An urgent, sudden, copious, and explosive emptying of bowel contents. Often happens after a night of draft beer, boiled eggs and/or White Castles.
"Oh, man, Jimmy, I had such a shitnami after downing all those draft beers and pickled eggs last night.
by elysian69 May 25, 2016
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