A Shit loaf is when you have fallen down because you are so drunk you accidently shit yourself. Hours later when you wake up in a pool of you own vomit (well you hope its your own vomit) you find that a shit loaf has developed in your pants.

A Shit loaf is basically just a slab of shit stuck to the back of your leg.

Andy: "Yo Neil you smell hella fine"
Neil: "Yeah I a major shit loaf going on"
by Andrew Hardman August 30, 2006
Top Definition
1) Someone who is being an idiot.

2) A really gross loaf of bread.

1) Dude, you're being such a shitloaf.

2) Mom always buys this nasty shitloaf!
by TexasColeSlawMassacre July 26, 2006
1. An immense amount; usually describes a large amount of something unfavorable.

2. A typo of the more common slang word "shitload". While they mean the same thing, "shitloaf" is a lighter way of saying it and it gives a slightly comical edge to the statement.
i.e. : "I have a shitloaf of homework for tomorrow :(".

i.e. : "My friends are causing a shitloaf of drama these days".

by Idna Pmek January 23, 2011
One whose loaf is entirely composed of fecal matter.

See also, load (disambiguation)
There was three of them - Meatloaf, Shitloaf and Slagloaf.
by WeKilledTheDog April 18, 2009
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