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A complete and utter moron. One who is stupid. Often one so stupid, they are compared to human feces.
Hey shitiot, get off the grass.
by Strongbad February 09, 2003
People who posts shitty definitions in urban dictionary for a desperately needed feeling of importance. Creating words like, condomize, and feBROary etc. Possibly knowing of there lack of creativity and originality but knowing no other way. This can also be used towards anyone that leaves you with the same feeling(s) in any other situation.
Steve: They just sit over there creating lame definitions on their urban dictionary apps and reading them to each other. They don't even amuse one another. How sad...
Scott: Shotiots, man...
Steve: Shitiots?
Scott: Yes!
Steve: Yeah... Shitiots...
by howardthe*uck February 06, 2013
Cross between a shithead and an idiot.
If you have ever locked your keys in your car, you might feel like a shit-iot.

That guy who is tailgating...5 feet behind my truck....Shit-iot!!
by Ms. Helle September 22, 2011
A person who doesn't properly wipe their anus after making a poop
Brent: Aw man, my arse is so itchy right now
Chris: Big date last night?
Brent: No, I was in such a rush this morning and I only wiped my butt twice after making my poop. I should have wiped at least three times
Chris: Dude, you're a shitiot!
Brent: Yes I am
by Chazton February 22, 2014
Someone who is the stupidest,retarded,idiotic, dumbest, just all in all a fuckin idiot..
person 1: "dude if ice can get sooo cold that it can burn you, can fire get sooo hot it frezzes you"

person 2:"WHAT, your so retarded no dude that cannot happen.....fuckin shitiot
by Madibro23 January 24, 2009
A shitty idiot
James is such a shitiot for breaking up with his hot girlfriend cuz he didn't want to move out of his mommy's house.
by iAmJuddy March 09, 2012
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