1. Feeling of discontent.

2. Poor quality.
1. I feel shit house today.

2. This movie is shit house, I'm never gonna let you pick a flick ever again.
by James_Carter April 06, 2006
Hungover in the worst way, absolutely fucked.
Jordan-"Hey Richard how are you this morning"

Richard-"Im alright, how about you?"
Jordan-"Dude I'm fucking Shit House, I need Taco Bell and masturbation, BAD!"
by Dickson Yamuda November 01, 2010
a cowardly person a variation on shitbag
hes a fucking shithouse
by sheiky September 11, 2005
An outside toilet.
I don't fancy your chances's, he's built like brick shit house!
by Steven Norgate January 31, 2003
One with whom association is unpleasurable.
"I lent that cunt Frank two hundred bucks last month and he still hasnt paid me back. He's a real shithouse that bloke"
by shithouse bloke August 07, 2005
(n) Term denoting a room, corner, potted plant, or general location where turd deposits are traditionally made. SEE TURD DEPOSITORY AND DOOKIE-BANK
Sweet Jesus, dude, I gotta get to the shit house before I blow this epic chocolate fudge dragon through the wall.
by AlJaRo March 03, 2008
something bad, unwanted or unpleasant with a meaning similar to sucked.

the correct pronunciation is shit ous.
going to party to find one person drunk on the floor one would say "the part was shit house" or to your friend losing his job "thats shit house mate".
by kosho December 14, 2010
noun: vulgar slang
1. A toilet.
2. A messy place, like an outdoor toilet.
3. Description of a person who is drunk to the point of being a complete mess.
I've had such a shitty week. I just want to get shithouse tonight.
by droneprime December 14, 2013

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