The coolest photographer ever, actual name is Ryan Gee. Has taken photographs of skaters such as Bam Margera and Tony Hawk.
He stars on Radio Bam a lot and is extremely funny.
Ryan Gee aka Shitgoose is one badass photographer and you suck if you don't love him.
by Daisyx July 05, 2007
A top gun way to say hello.
Mr. Vine says "yo what up shit goose"
by brandizzle October 10, 2003
Top Gun way of saying hello to a friend.
Whats up Shit Goose
by Timmy January 16, 2003
A terrible pledge
God damnit you stupid Shit Goose, clean that crap up.
by newman November 20, 2003
A way to describe a nuisance, or how something or someone is annoying.
1) Oh shitgoose, I have to take out the trash!

2) Teri is a real shitgoose!
by Rich March 02, 2005

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