A way to describe a nuisance, or how something or someone is annoying.
1) Oh shitgoose, I have to take out the trash!

2) Teri is a real shitgoose!
by Rich March 02, 2005
Top Definition
A very mystical creature. Anyone who has the pleasure of coming into contact with him has an instant need to shit. If you are far away from a bathroom you are likely to shit your pants.
Shitgoose is on the loose!!! Where is the nearest bathroom??

me: Sorry guys I'm going to be late.
friend: why?
me: Shitgoose stopped over.
by tnt419 December 23, 2005
when playing an online multi-player first person shooting game like Halo 3, the "shit goose" player often looks around the map frantically as if he/she is about to pull off the most amazing kill ever seen. The "shit goose" is often seen being a try hard, and usually failing at anything admirable. Then is called a no-life BK, or bad kid,or randy,or garbage BR, or random loser, or randy johnson.
Player 1 "oh my god, look at that BAD KID over there, being a total SHIT GOOSE"
Player 2 "oh yeah, thats just 481. He's always shit goosin' it"
Player 1 "WoOoOOoOoOW!!! what a try hard SHIT GOOSE"
Player 2 "Yeah, thats 481 for ya, SHIT GOOSE champion of the world"
by BK Randyy May 12, 2010
affectionate term for ones freinds
1."dont be a shitgoose come out"
2."shitgoose hav'nt seen you for time"
3.(somebody falls of a chair)"ha ha what a shitgoose"
by Tinny/James July 13, 2008
Shit Goose (n) - One who comes to a party without liquor, or anything else to share with the population at large. Also notorious for drinking too much and getting sick in all the wrong places (your parent's bedroom).
That Shit Goose Vince is coming over! Hide the liquor!
by Justin January 11, 2005
a person who is just terrible in all ways of life.
as in when in the movie CKY2K they say "welcome to shitgoose stadium" and the place is just a craphole
by david November 20, 2003
Someone who thinks they're a gangster from New York who can't cook, has hippie parents, wishes he was black, has an imperfect chest, rope-like hair, dresses like a shmo, and who counts jerking off as getting laid.
R.J. Brown is the biggest shit goose ever! Wait, isn't his name goose shit? That's the way the ladies known him.
by Trader Joess May 19, 2009
A Person who takes a shit naked and passes out on the toilet in the middle of a party
Holy Shit Studenski is a Fuckin Shit-Goose
by Goose December 22, 2003
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