fucking someon up the ass
chad shit fucked pat
by kinglemaistre March 05, 2006
A shitfuck is when your grab a piece of shit and fuck somebodys ass or pussy with it.
A)I grabbed a logger and shitfucked her to death.

B) Shut the fuck up roy, you Shitfucker.
by James Hart July 30, 2004
A pathetic attempt by people with no language skills to say something using only the words they know. Used by morons who don't know any words other than f*** and s***. There are many synonyms which are much more creative, interesting and precise in meaning:

shitfuck (noun)= retard, idiot, jerk, imbecile, punk, moron, cro-magnon, etc...
Reporter interviewing random person on the street: "So, what do you think about the economy these days?"

"Fuck this shit, shitfuck!"

Reporter: "Can you tell me where someone smarter is?"
by spinningtabletop February 16, 2009
When you want to fuck a chick, but you have no lubricant, shit in a paper bag and rub it all over your penis for maximum pleasure.
I had a nice time with the new shit fuck method
by big titty bitch January 22, 2005

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