1. The remaining Shit on the end of a faggot's dick.
2. A clueless fucking idiot that more than likely takes it up the ass.
1. There's more talent in an Andy Dick Shitfuck than in an entire Carrot Top.

2. Melvin: Hey there boy-o did ya catch The Joe Schmoe finale?
Elmo: Is that the show about that Shitfuck who is being set up? Naw!
by rodney kipps May 17, 2011
Very bad anal sex.
Last night I had a shit fuck with Marty.
by Jammasterjdawg January 28, 2009
An alternate method of identifying an individual who pleasures others with anal sex, especially if there will be fecal matter involved.
you are obsessed fucking my ass, you shitfuck!
by SkillShit May 19, 2005
To kill someone with a pie to the face and a knife to the chest. You wake up the person by standing over someone holding these two things. After you kill them you place a sign on their body saying "You've been shitfucked!"
I'm gonna shitfuck that bitch bag if she fucks my boyfriend.
by Zachary Pine February 07, 2010
1) anal sex
2) to sodomise
from a 1978 concert, Frank Zappa's bandmembers chanting "shit-fuck! shit-fuck! for you!" before pretending to gang-rape another bandmember
by Noxema-Tapioca July 31, 2004
copulation, usually between two males, involving the presence of feces in one or both partner's butts. a form of scat play.
I shit fucked that dude last night and got his crap all over me.
by dumpwatcher February 02, 2010
the fucker who smells like shit
-Do you see that shit fuck?
--NOPE... i smell em!
by kambey August 10, 2008

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