an expression used when something has gone horribly wrong.

another way of saying anal sex.
"did you do the project due today?" "SHITFUCK that was due today??"

"yea man we shitfucked"
by someonechanged December 31, 2009
An expression used when just yelling "Fuck" is not enough. Also a gay sex position.
*stubs pinky toe on chair*
Oh Shit-Fuck! That hurt!
by A Manly Ape September 23, 2014
the moment was hell, kinda of like your shit coming out your ass and going right back in, yeah... that's the feeling you're gonna get
kid 1 :u ready to present?
kid 2: for what?
Kid 1: our project, fool! today!
kid 2: shitfuck!
by cyrwr1 March 02, 2009
When you are taking a rather large size shit and it gets sucked back up your butt which may feel like you are getting raped in the asshole.
One day i was sitting on the the toilet and i was taking a shit. This wasnt any old shit. This was a old,smelly,corny,crust,terrible shit. then suddenly, i couldnt push it out anymore and it came right back in. it felt like i was getting raped by my old jailmate bubba. He was black and had a 12 inch cock....around. The bad part was that he wasnt using lube.... and that is what a shitfuck is. for more info type in poopfrik
by lingling maguyver August 05, 2008
Word of both shit and fuck to exclaim major annoyance or suprise.

Hahahaha zoe i beat u 2 it!!!! no hard feelins tho :P
"Where is my bag???? O shitfucks!!"
by morgan October 04, 2004
1. The remaining Shit on the end of a faggot's dick.
2. A clueless fucking idiot that more than likely takes it up the ass.
1. There's more talent in an Andy Dick Shitfuck than in an entire Carrot Top.

2. Melvin: Hey there boy-o did ya catch The Joe Schmoe finale?
Elmo: Is that the show about that Shitfuck who is being set up? Naw!
by rodney kipps May 17, 2011
copulation, usually between two males, involving the presence of feces in one or both partner's butts. a form of scat play.
I shit fucked that dude last night and got his crap all over me.
by dumpwatcher February 02, 2010
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