an expression used when something has gone horribly wrong.

another way of saying anal sex.
"did you do the project due today?" "SHITFUCK that was due today??"

"yea man we shitfucked"
by someonechanged December 31, 2009
a good term for all the other motorists (not you, of course..we know you're a great driver!)
but for everyone else on the road.
Example: "You'd better not smash me, you shitfuck"

"This shitfuck bastard won't get out of my way and I need to get home and smoke!
by pooooopyourpants September 15, 2011
the moment was hell, kinda of like your shit coming out your ass and going right back in, yeah... that's the feeling you're gonna get
kid 1 :u ready to present?
kid 2: for what?
Kid 1: our project, fool! today!
kid 2: shitfuck!
by cyrwr1 March 02, 2009
a dumbass; used as a come back or insult
you shitfuck don't step on the back of my shoes
by Chevelle17 October 04, 2008
MORGAN!!!! i soo made up this word while trying to emmerse myself in FREEZING water it explains all feeling like yay im so shitfucking happy! or O SHITFUCKS IM LOST or O my shitfucks im surprised!
see above examples for full analysis
by zoe! October 14, 2004
1. The remaining Shit on the end of a faggot's dick.
2. A clueless fucking idiot that more than likely takes it up the ass.
1. There's more talent in an Andy Dick Shitfuck than in an entire Carrot Top.

2. Melvin: Hey there boy-o did ya catch The Joe Schmoe finale?
Elmo: Is that the show about that Shitfuck who is being set up? Naw!
by rodney kipps May 17, 2011
Very bad anal sex.
Last night I had a shit fuck with Marty.
by Jammasterjdawg January 28, 2009

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