a fucked over situation, written in books as a shitfuck moment in history. also being a completely retarded and stupid person.
Hey seth mcfarland, how would you describe the clevend shows process as a whole?
well its a total shit fuck.

hey man
dont talk to me your a shit fuck!
by fuck you like an animal October 06, 2011
when you shit and it causes the water to shoot back up your ass
i took a huge shit and the water shit-fucked me
by Anthony Red November 19, 2008
An expression used when just yelling "Fuck" is not enough. Also a gay sex position.
*stubs pinky toe on chair*
Oh Shit-Fuck! That hurt!
by Mmidget September 23, 2014
That feeling you get after you take a big shit and it burns your anus.
"Dude, I just got shit fucked. My insides are on fire. Dude, those beans..."
by CrimsonUranus October 22, 2012
fuck with a greater intensity. pretty much the word fuck or shit used when angry.
Shitfuck! I got an F on my Physics test!!!!
by day.dreamer94 July 27, 2009
Word of both shit and fuck to exclaim major annoyance or suprise.

Hahahaha zoe i beat u 2 it!!!! no hard feelins tho :P
"Where is my bag???? O shitfucks!!"
by morgan October 04, 2004
Fucking an ass deeply enough to encounter the shit coming down inside. The person being fucked can push the shit down onto the cock and out so the person doing the fucking is literally fucking the shit, or one can say they are fucking the shit out of the other person as they pull it out on their cock.

Can be a noun or a verb.
"She took a shit while I was fucking her ass and it turned into a really hot shit-fuck." (noun)

"I want to shit-fuck her bad so she is building up a big turd for me to fuck." (verb)

"Did you see the shit-fuck those two had? I want to go next and really shit-fuck the brains out of him." (noun and verb)
by MasterF4U December 28, 2010

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