A phrase used when something goes wrong.
Person 1: Your credit card was just declined.
Angry person 2: SHIT FUCK!
by chrispy krem February 26, 2009
When you are trying to have anal sex with a women or man, and you cant get your penis in, the person shits and their poo acts like a lubricant so your penis will just slide in.
Man: Fuk i cant get my penis is your butthole
Women: Ok one sec, let me shit so my feces will act like lube.............aaaahhhhh phphphpppphphp
Man: OH YA, its in!!!!!! This is what I call a Shitfuck!!!!!!!
by The Man Looking At You October 28, 2010
Traditionally, when one person pushes excrement out of their anus directly into their partner's anus. Shitfucking can also be performed into other orifices. For instance, one can shitfuck a mouth.
Come here baby, I want to shitfuck your ass.

My back hurts from being propped up on my shoulders last night getting shitfucked.
by browngringo July 30, 2010
1. v. To engage in anal intercourse with an individual whose rectum is full of feces, resulting in feces covering the erection. 2. n. An act or instance of shitfucking. (Vars. shit-fuck; shit fuck.) Note: This is not the everyday type of getting-shit-on-your-dick that happens all the time with ass-fucking; this is the intentional fucking of a shit-filled ass.
Because he had invited me over for a nice long shitfuck I made sure I held my shit in all day long. He loves to shitfuck me.
by Mr. Shitfuck July 15, 2011
When neither 'shit' nor 'fuck' cut it.
Dr. Bunghole Inspector- You have AIDS

You- Well, shit-fuck.
by CatInYourHat March 26, 2011
Standstill traffic that pisses you off because you could have gone a different way. Referring especially to cities with ridiculous amounts of traffic like Atlanta and L.A.
-Why were you late?
-Because I got stuck in the shitfuck on the 405.
by Red D April 14, 2008
1. v. an exclamation of angst and aggressive emotions toward an inconvenience.

2. n. a person of low social status due to his or her negative attitude toward his or her peers/environment.

3. n. a truly unsatisfactory session of intercourse.

4. adj. pertaining to shittyness and fuckery in the chosen subject.

4. adv. a quality in a performance that is lower than that of shitty.
1. "shitfuck! that was due today?!"
2. "yeah man, watch out, he's being a total shitfuck today."
3. "nah, it was a shitfuck, I won't be seeing her again anytime soon."
by chmrvhg October 04, 2011

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