A combination of two profane words used to vent frustration.
Shitfuck! Where is the god damn twinkies?
by Deeeeeee-Jay Jenkins November 22, 2009
n. A person who was concieved just after anal sex, thus shit was mixed with the sperm used to impregnate.
you are just a shit fuck.
by Chillin December 17, 2004
a good phrase to call someone when u cant think of anything clever
A. ur a little cunt faggot u bitch!
B. Yea well ur a little shit fuck
by TheDonRoberts June 15, 2009
1) To fornicate feces
2) A shitty fucker
1) Joe: "What does he do for a living?"
Bob: "He shitfucks"

2) Joe: "I didn't hear you, sorry"
Bob: "That's because your a bloody shitfucker"
by Cannone June 21, 2006
President George W. Bush
"While I am no Clinton lover it's pretty much inarguable, he was miles away better as President than Shitfuck."

"George Bush was explaining what 'his job is' in various speeches and press conferences. I.e., 'you know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror'. No shit, Shitfuck."

"When he was Ambassador to the Saudis did he kiss and hold hands with Abdullah like Shitfuck did and does?"

by kmhebert April 24, 2007
1. Anal sex.
2. An interjection showing extreme emotion.
1. After our date tonight, I'm going to shitfuck the hell out of Teresa!
2. Shitfuck! Don't put it in my ass!
by The Stuufler November 30, 2005
Shit-fuck: to do something really shitty to one of your friends that no one else in your group would do in that specific situation. Especially applicable to video games, specifically, Mario Kart.
1. Dude! I can't believe you just shit fucked me with three red shells in a row! You totally shit-fucked me!

2. B-White, you are such a shit-fucker!
by bwhitesux February 12, 2009
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