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1. v. To engage in anal intercourse with an individual whose rectum is full of feces, resulting in feces covering the erection. 2. n. An act or instance of shitfucking. (Vars. shit-fuck; shit fuck.) Note: This is not the everyday type of getting-shit-on-your-dick that happens all the time with ass-fucking; this is the intentional fucking of a shit-filled ass.
Because he had invited me over for a nice long shitfuck I made sure I held my shit in all day long. He loves to shitfuck me.
by Mr. Shitfuck July 15, 2011
6 0
When putting two profanities in one word, usually said when not thinking.
Assface: "Shitfuck, I forgot my keys"
Assfucker:"Go get them!"
by Poisonivy August 11, 2005
387 84
a term used when you dont have the words to express how you really feel
person A: dude by the way those bumps down there are herpes.
person B: shit fuck!!!!!!!
by nsu22snowdemon November 07, 2002
281 74
A word used to describe extreme stupidity or clumsiness
The car is over there shitfuck
by magnarider June 10, 2006
191 81
Offcial curse of the euphonium section. Can be used as an adjective, a noun, or in praise.
What shitfucky weather.

That kid is such a shitfuck.

That trip was the shitfuck.
by High King Turgon January 04, 2010
95 40
Someone who is both a shit and a fuck a.k.a. fuckhead.
Get the fuck out of here you shitfuck and never comeback or I will fucking kill you.
by ponce killer September 03, 2005
148 96
An annoying, impeding, or otherwise undesirable person or object. Variation of Fuckshit.
"You sir, are undeniably a true shitfuck in every sense of the word."
by Erik Jacobson May 22, 2005
70 26
n. Someone who is a real piece of work. A jerk, asshole, jewbag or just someone fucking annoying.
"Look at this shit fuck."
by Lord L June 02, 2006
78 40