A black person, boofer, or nigga
Black guy:Hey vanilla face.

Vanilla Face:What up shit face.
by Bob saget696969 October 20, 2008
"sh it fay s"
a person whom nobody likes. Possibly an arrogant person, or someone who is a loud mouth and pisses people off. also look up asshole, and/or cock sucker.

Wow John is being a shit face tonight. Who crawled up his ass and died?
by Casey114 May 26, 2007
An ugly ass son/daughter of a bitch. Basically they look like fecal matter(shit) which is where the word comes from.
"Get the fuck out of here you shitface mother fucker!"

"You ain't nothing but a shitface bitch!"
by IceWarm November 20, 2004
a guy with shit on his face
ahhhh a bird pooped on you, you shitface
by undeadidiot June 08, 2003
Shitfacing yourself consists of smoking marijuana and getting really drunk at the same time, simply because you are screwing your system up really badly with two substances that are harmful in their own ways.
Holy, I totally shitfaced myself at the party!
by Vanessa Li November 18, 2005
when a nigger shits on your face
"Man I was at this club last nite and there were these niggers and i got shitfaced!"
by wu tang poontang May 05, 2005

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