A subject with an indescriminate amount of faeces on their face.
'Dude, I totally steamed that mother fucker'
'Shit Face ain't even the word for it'
'Word bitch'
by Sam Faulkner and Jonny Bell May 27, 2006
An ugly person
George W. Bush
My English teacher
A person with shit all over his face
Shut the fuck up shit-face
Hey, shit-face, shove it up your ass
by Camels November 13, 2006
A person who is struck by a debilitating case of diarrhea, explosive or otherwise, and has the misfortune of other stomach related ailments. While relieving said diarrhea the individual is overtaken by the sudden urge to vomit and is forced to do so into the already poo contaminated water. Upon contact with the water’s surface the projectile vomit splashes the contents up into the individuals face… they have just been shitfaced.
Dude, I can't go out with you tonight my stomach feels awful, plus I need a shower I just shitfaced myself in the bathroom.
by Alexander High-tower April 27, 2009
when someone is being stubborn or is just being a plain asshole
the shit face wouldnt let me go home.
by your daddy :) September 26, 2007
A person who has shit on his/her face or a giant douche.
Fucking Frank, I hate Frank. He is such a shitface.
by Fredo Corleone May 06, 2014
shitface (verb) : 1. to bomb on sth., to get rejected, to have sth. blow up in one's face, literally "as if to plant one's face in shit" 2. to land face first into the ground, to face plant into the ground
shitface (noun): derogatory put down to describe someone as ugly
shitfaced (adjective): to not know how bad one looks from doing stupid things while being sloppy drunk
shitface (verb): 1. "I totally shitfaced the interview, the interviewer asked me questions which I had no idea what he was talking about." 2. "Jim was running full speed down the hill when he tripped over a wire and shitfaced hard into the pavement."
shitfaced (noun): "Hey shitface! How about you go take a dirt nap with Elvis!"
shitfaced (adjective): "I got so shitfaced the other night, I had no idea I was hitting on a transvestite."
by anal retentive definition man March 05, 2014
a ugly person, not cute, ugly as hell, a face that only a mother can love
shaun told terreast to shut her shit face ass up
by shaun July 04, 2004
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