Any piece of literature you read on the crapper.
Man, Readers Digest is some pretty boring shiterature.
by John Poopsmith October 12, 2010
Top Definition
the books, magazines, or other reading material that one leaves in the bathroom to stave off the boredom of shitting.
Dude, why don't you have any good shiterature?

"America: the Book" is among many other good reads in my collection of shiterature.
by pspczar January 30, 2006
any book, magazine, letter, pamphlet, or any other type of literature one may take to read while sitting on the toilet
I need to find me some shiterature to make my crapping experience more enjoyable.
by Kamileon K. October 14, 2005
A piece of writing so bad, that calling it literature is an insult to other writers in the world. Usually found in college workshops and are written about things the author obviously knows nothing about. Bad grammar and spelling is a must. Mary Sues/Gary Stus are also welcome.
Did you read Zola's story? It was a piece of shiterature! why is she in the creative writing department?

That drek on is a collection of shiterature!
by mollydolly April 16, 2008
Articles, magazines, books or any other reading material left for you to read when you are going #2 on the toilet.
Joe's favorite piece of shiterature is a Maxim magazine.
by Joe D. July 07, 2005
Any good reading material that can be used while taking a shit.
"I feel a big dump coming on, gotta grab me some Shiterature".
by Brendan J. January 30, 2006
Getting lost in a good book/magazine while simultaneously enjoying an epic deuce.
Harry Potter makes great shiterature.
by goblue!1409 October 17, 2009
Any form of literature (usually simple reads) that you either already have stocked in the bathroom or take with you when you have to take a crap.
Lua: What are you looking for?

Talan: Some shiterature to read while I'm on the toilet.

Mom: What are all these archies doing scattered on your bathroom floor?

Kid: I read them when I'm taking a crap ma!
by Ozla September 30, 2009
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