the best English only word ever.
I fooking love the shite
by The Cuntsaw October 21, 2003
Intentional mispronunciation of shit.
Former WBCN disc jockey Nik Carter used to say "shite" on the radio, as if to get away with it.
by Andrew Schwartz January 30, 2005
A misspelling of the word "shit" inorder to ensure the pronunciation is not the tradition "shit". A poor attempt at a British, Irish, Scotish or Welsh accent. Should not be used by anyone without the excuse of the corresponding accents.
"Shite! That asshole just cut me off!"
by Sopheap January 26, 2005
A fucking stupid way of saying shit.
Shite is a fucking stupid way of saying shit.
by PantsHat July 12, 2006
A British/Irish way of saying the S word, or sh*t, is more of a "censoring," kind of.

It is becoming more common, as well.

Pronunciation: Sh - ITE. (ITE example: KryptonITE)
"Mate, I just took the BIGGEST shite of my LIFE today!"
by iiToxicMinded December 06, 2015
Originally a Scottish & Irish word, now used in Wales, England and even all former British colonies in place of "shit" but only when suitable, it does not always replace shit in any context. Many non-Scots and non-Irish have started using it in the incorrect context making it sound contrived and plain fucking stuping

When watching BBC propaganda "What an utter load of shite!"
When attempting to watch Australian TV "Now that was fucking shite, never again"
When served some below standard food "What's this shite?"
When checking out clothes your missus want you to buy "That's a shite shirt if ever I saw one"

When warning trouble "You are going to get in shite" (Scots & Irish would use shit or another verb over shite here)
-When giving a compliment "This coke is good shite" (Scots & Irish would use shit or another verb instead of shite here)
by Dingus McFlaggan September 07, 2015

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