A very British substitution for the word shit. Has a slightly more sustained sound leading to a greater impact then most other swear words.
You are the hieght of shite.
by Athlete April 05, 2004
The shite was in the toilet
by Anthony G. July 31, 2003
Meaning shit
I had a nice, relaxing shit this mornin
by Ich September 30, 2003
A slight variation on shit mainly used in yorkshire.
"Donny Rovers are fuckin' shite this season!"
by Foyf January 22, 2003
A completely fucked up way of saying "shit" favored by people who think it's very important for you to know that they have read a book, or been to Europe, or are down with U2 or the Pogues, or any other losers from Europe and want you to immediately recognize how cool they are: "Hey! He said 'shite' instead of 'shit'! That's way cool!"

"Shite" is never said by black people, even in Europe, because it will never, ever be cool. Seriously, did Shaft ever say "shite"? Did Ice-T ever say "shite"? I think we're done here.
Shite, I'm an enormous wish-I-had-the-balls-to-be-a-fag!
by Stalker Patty April 14, 2011
possibly the greatest high school band from oceanside ever, too bad they didnt make battle of the bands, fuck ben chernovets
"u goin to shite practice tonight?"
by diabolical robot August 13, 2003
Way of saying shit used by people who wish not to offend anyone and people of northern Europian decent (such as the British, Scottish, and Irish.
Holly crap! He stuck his face in the pile of shite!
by Anonymous July 15, 2003

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