Another way of saying shit
Holy shite man!
by Christy February 12, 2003
See shit.
I speak with an accent even when I swear.
Oh shite!
by RudeDude October 17, 2002
(you may also say she-ite... kinda funner)
Way better and more fun way to say shit.
"ahh shite... what in zee hell"
by Kaylie! December 20, 2005
tha wasa loada shite, "rubbish" "crap" "no good" some parts of england especially the more "north", also in the "black country" the "west midlands", "austrailia" they say shiuyte,
shite shyte shiutye wharever, that goal was laoda shiyte
by bute September 19, 2005
A nicer pronunciation of the word shit without actually saying it.
Shite I forgot my lunch at home.
by Andy March 21, 2005
Another word for "shit".
"This place is shite."
-one of the dung beetles (spelling?) from Conker's Bad Fur Day
by Dave March 26, 2004
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