one's way to say "shit" in a non bad way
Man: i'm sick of your s-h-i-t-e!

other man: oh your sick of my "shite".
by pume June 29, 2009
A shitty way of saying shit.
British English is a pretty shite vernacular.
by Zorque March 13, 2008
A group of high school students most commonly found in southwest pa
The daily coversations of shites

Shite 1: What are ya doing over shite?

Shite 2: Aww nothin shite

Shite 1: I hear ya
by Shite 69 October 28, 2011
Complicated. To say the least,

Mulitple definitions. Here are some...

A big brown mess.
A turd.
A situation which is not enjoyable.
Talk which is frankly disappointing. To be mild...
Er, rubbish. Trash. Garbage.

The situation most governments find themselves in after two years.
The reality of celebrity.
The problems we find ourselves in.
What you say when you're not from Engerland.
Er. The trouser filling, touching stuff we deal wiv on an almost daily basis.
Wot you say when you hurt yourself.
Cont p94
The hammer hits the wrong nail "Oh shite!"
You hear nature call but no toilet is near... "Shite!"
A politico says something you disagree with strongly - "Shite".
by rendevous June 19, 2010
shit without really saying shit
oh shite mum caught me with my boyfriend last night
by anonymous November 02, 2003
The past participle of shit; as shit refers to Crystal Methamphetamine.
That shite was bunk!
by Lanober June 20, 2010
substitute for shit
Shite! i forgot to tell him.
by D5 January 29, 2003

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