One who is, or will be a person that does very stupid or dumb stuff, popularized in the movie 'Brokeback Barnabus'using its alternate definnition which refers to a homosexual mans tendency to perform gay sex acts, resulting in a 'shit dip.'
Example 1: Luke: "Gee, lets go pour milk on the snow! That'll really stick it to the man!"
Don: "Luke, you ar such a shit dip!"

Example 2: Barnabus: "Hey boys, you want to play?"
Phillip: "Barnabus, I'll shit dip with you any day!"
by Brokeback Barnabus March 05, 2006
Top Definition
The best way to enjoy a dip of tobacco in which the user takes a dip while taking a shit. This may explain why a dipper takes 20+ minute shits. It is the most euphoric feeling since snorting cocaine off of a hooker's ass while watching Forrest Gump. The most favorable dips tend to be of (but not limited to) the Natural variety, including Copenhagen Southern Blend. It shall never include anything from the Longhorn brand of dips as I would rather lick a skunk's asshole than put that in my mouth.
Person 1: Justin has been on the shitter for over an hour! Do you think he fell in?

Person 2: No, he's taking a shitdip.
by cedar wood January 06, 2013
Like a dipshit, but backwards
John sucked Billy's cock...what a fucking shitdip
by evstein7 September 02, 2003
Using chewing tobacco while on the toilet
Bub I didn't want to get caught dipping in school so I took a shit dip
by Cope green 99 July 07, 2015
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