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when u cornhole someone and pull out with extras
"i funked some nasty ghetto ho in the arse, and got poopdick!"
by condomkid September 19, 2003
129 81
1)One whos penis shows the remnants of fecal matter due to previous rectal encounters with another male. 2)One who is, or show features of a gay person. 3)General insult.
1)I see that shit dick come out of the gay bar every friday night! 2)Stop acting like such a shit dick! 3)Get out of my face shit dick!
by flyboy_21 March 16, 2003
221 104
Insult that implies that the object is a homosexual.
What the fuck is wrong with you, shitdick?
by Ed Anger February 23, 2003
189 93
1) Someone (Usually gay) who has anal intercourse with either a man or woman, leaving fecal remnants on their penis.
2) A racist term regarding african-american, implying that their penis is brown-the color of shit.
1) Those two guys are total shitdicks.
2) That guy's listening to 50 Cent!? Jesus, what a shitdick!
by Redwhitencrue25 July 06, 2005
131 71
The state of a penis after penetrating a rectum without a condom
I fucked her in the ass but I was left with shitdick
by Zarmanov May 20, 2003
55 32
Someone who's life, situation, or story always has to be worse than everyone else's. A literal dick made of shit would be the perfect example of a shitdick, as no matter how shitty your life is, no one wants to be a dick made of shit.
"Fuck. I got my dick caught in the shredder."
"Yeah? Well I'm a dick made of shit. How do you feel now?"


"Man, I have cancer."
"Man, I have two kinds of cancer!"
"Dude, don't be such a shitdick!"
by KvltmasterFlex August 23, 2009
46 27
Deregatory term used for men of the homosexual persuasion.
Look at those two shitdicks over there - you know they're gonna be packing each other's asses tonight.
by Kurt December 31, 2004
75 58