See: Fletch
That pussy was such a shitcup for whining about a papercut.
by devicenull March 14, 2003
Top Definition
An amusing way to get back at a friend by hiding a cup full of shit in the person's room. Then watching the unsuspecting victim try to find out where the smell is coming from. Depending how bad you need to get back at them determines how hard the "shitcup" should be hidden.
Alan was trying to pick up my girlfriend the other night so I "shitcupped" his bedroom and he still has no ideas why his room smells like shit.
by BH1672 November 03, 2006
A cup... full of shit...
That dude just shitted in a cup. My god nancy! its a shitcup!
by Someotherguy October 19, 2004
A cup of human or animal shit that you leave near a heat source that is not visable. The cup and odor are a slow brewing present to leave friends and enemies.
The weather is cold today and I have to drop a serious turd. If i leave this shit cup on the radiator under the desk, I bet the entire house will enjoy my stench tommorow.
by bourdonj January 22, 2011
Meme found on 4chan. Used as an alternative to spidey to derail threads. Super Badass.
Oh not another spidey derailing...Look! Here comes shitcup!!
by Sister Michael II January 04, 2012
One who tends to post retarded things that have no relation.
that fucking shitcup made another fucking thread
by devicenull March 14, 2003
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