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When circumstances in life and situations are completely miserable and crappy; Circumstances and occurences that inevitably lead to a bad outcome.
1. As a result of shitcumstances, the office had to work all night.

2. They were victim of shitcumstance, and died horribly.
by Snowday February 04, 2009

1a: a shitty condition, fact, or event accompanying, conditioning, or determining another.

1b: a subordinate or accessory shitty fact or detail.

1c: a piece of evidence that indicates the probability or improbability of a shitty event.

2a: the sum of crappy essential and environmental factors (as of an event or situation).

2b: state of affairs:eventuality — often used in plural.

2c plural: situation with regard to adversity.

3: an shitty event that constitutes a detail (as of a narrative or course of shitty events).


1a: stupidity is a shitcumstance to be taken into consideration.

1b: Pain is a minor shitcumstance in this case.

1c: the shitcumstances suggest someone did not know what they were doing.

2a: As a result of shitcumstances, the office had to work all night.

2b: He quit due to shitcumstance; a victim of shitcumstances

2c plural: he made it despite shitcumstances; current set of economic shitcumstances we’re in.

3: considering each shitcumstance in turn.
by Computer Plumber February 07, 2009
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