To get paralytic on illicit substances or exceedingly drunk
"Oi TD, where's those pingers ? Let's get SHITCANNED !!!"
by Da Chicken Man June 02, 2007
Top Definition
to have your employment terminated, to be fired
Jack got shitcanned Friday in that last series of layoffs.
by Mr. Corruption June 02, 2005
To be fired from a job.
I worked for those fudgepackers for 10 years and they STILL shit-canned me!
by Academic Type January 23, 2005
To get fired.
Did you hear what happened to Tom B? He got shit-canned yesterday!
by Luckyfindz December 19, 2008
A phrase used to explain being fired or someone being fired
1. Dude, that guy just totally got shit-canned!

2. I hope I don't get shit-canned after the toliet-paper incident
by Girl-hockey-fan April 28, 2009
a state of being completely wasted
I went out last night and got completely shit canned.
by cameltoe55 September 13, 2003
1.) To be terminated by an employer due to a "No call, No Show."
2.) To be fired for not showing up for your shift at work.
Dylan didn't feel like going to work at his Subway job one day when he woke up in the morning. He didn't call in sick or give his employer any notification about skipping work. Dylan got, "Shit-Canned," from Subway.
by Nuggyman420 March 30, 2009
trashed, thrown out, exposed as junk.
(X gave Y a) shitcanning.
(X got) shitcanned.
by zaak February 16, 2004

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